It is evident that opportunities for hearing impaired persons are very fewer. They face lots of issues not only in acquiring education but also in their career endeavors. However, some businesses have taken initiatives to ensure that people having physical impediments are not neglected.
It is quite surprising and good to hear that KFC being one such business has opened 9 restaurants in Karachi that are completely deaf-run with 220 hearing-impaired employees.

The initiative that we are going to talk about now is truly inspiring. 5 deaf friends have started a fast-food business and we hope that their story motivates other hearing and speech impaired persons.

How They Started:

The five friends Arsalan, Usman, Adnan, Shazal, and Haris, are hearing impaired. All of them have this disability by birth. Their mutual love for cricket brought them closer and they became best friends. All of them are members of the Islamabad Deaf Cricket Association (IDCA).

After graduating, they planned to start their own business as they were perfectly acquainted with the situation of job opportunities for deaf/ mute persons. Public sectors have also very little to none employment opportunities. Additionally, only a few can go through the complicated process of hiring. To avoid future regrets and frustrations, they decided to open a fast-food stall in F-10, Islamabad.

In conversation with Independent Urdu, Muhammad Arsalan (one of the friends) said we planned to initiate a fast-food business after giving much thought to it, then came into existence the“36 Fast Food Mania”.

Using sign language, Arsalan explained that this initiative is a source of contentment for them and a potential source of earning so they can support their families. They also have the vision to inspire others with disabilities.
He added that people are tempted with us taking orders in sign language. Sign language is understandable by many people and because of that, we feel a sense of equality.

Have a look at their fast-food stall.