The new iPhone are usually expensive, although if you want you can save in two ways: betting on an iPhone is several years ago and also for reconditioned models, which you can buy in stores like Amazon exceptionally cheap.

Refurbished products are products that have already been sold and unpacked, although they have a one year warranty and the commitment that the battery capacity is at least 80%. If you are not satisfied with the result, you have 30 days to return the product without any problems, at least in a store like Amazon.

Fortunately, if you are looking for an iPhone that is really cheap, now on Amazon there are several reconditioned models that are and a lot. There are from just 189 euros, although yes, we talk about some versions with only 32GB of storage capacity.

There are also the most recent Apple phones, although in their case the savings with respect to the launch price is much lower. Here are some examples:

iPhone 6S 32GB in space gray for € 189

iPhone 7 128GB in silver for € 279

128GB iPhone 6S in space gray for € 391

iPhone 8 64GB in silver for € 370

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB in gold for € 496

iPhone X 64GB in silver for € 540

In some cases extra material may be missing, such as product manuals, although all of them can be used. If not, as we have already mentioned, they are products that have one month for return without obligation and one year warranty.

Apple Prices in Pakistan

The smartphone prices in Pakistan are collected from different online stores and only the lowest prices are shown here. The prices are updated on daily basis. We’ve also included the pictures of every smartphone to help you take a better look on the phone. The newly launched smartphones are added to our database on regular basis to keep you up to date. Complete specifications of each Apple phone are also listed along with the price across Pakistan.

Some of the popular AppleiPhone deals are:

iPhone 6S 32GB in space gray for Rs.57,499

iPhone 7 128GB in silver for Rs.62,000

iPhone 8 64GB in silver for Rs.89,999

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB in gold for Rs.118,999

iPhone X 64GB in silver for Rs.118,999

The cheapest smart scale of Xiaomi falls more price: on offer for € 16 and with gift headphones

Xiaomi is a brand known by all for a decade or even more, before arriving in Spain officially. However, now that they are already present in Europe, the avalanche of new products has been increasing, and not only with mobiles but with scooters, computers and even scales. It is precisely one of its latest products, the smart scale My Smart Scale 2, what we want to talk about. We want to do it because if it is already very good (€ 19.99 in Amazon) now it is more thanks to an offer that has just launched the Spanish PowerPlanetOnline store, which sells it for only € 16.95.

It should be clarified that this Xiaomi smart scale, the Mi Smart Scale 2, is unlike the Mi Body Composition that the firm does sell in its own stores on official channels. The main difference is that the most economical model, the one that centers this news, does not measure the body fat index.

Otherwise, they are quite similar. The two connect to the Mi Fit application to display the data in a much more intuitive and colorful way, in addition to the progression of values ​​such as total weight or body mass index, which does provide it.

In the case of the Mi Body Composition, the price is somewhat higher since it almost reaches 30 euros. In addition, from what we have been able to prove, the measurement of fat is not much less precise, so the difference between one and the other is almost irrelevant. These are just some of the products of the Asian brand that can be purchased for less than 30 euros, and they are not few. It is the specialty of the house, the smart low cost accessories that leave the competition offside.