Asim Azhar is a great addition in the music industry. With his amazing performances and mesmerizing voice, he made thousands of fans and followers ever since he joined the music industry. Every new song he releases becomes an instant hit. The singer has made solos as well as collaborations with many renowned singers. However, it seems that Asim is now looking forward to collab with BTS. Yes, you heard it right!

This would not be the kind of collaboration that anybody could expect or relate to. The K-Pop band BTS also known as Bangtan Boys is a world-wide famous septet band. One of the reasons that might justify their so-much popularity is the choice of subject, they made songs about bullying, elitism, and mental health that no other band does. Besides that, their contemporary pop music about love and relationships are loved and enjoyed by millions of their fans around the world.

In a short period, they have taken over the world by storm but as a matter of fact, BTS didn’t get famous overnight. They worked hard and their collective passion and struggle for their goal made them what they are today. Many prestigious awards have been won by the band including the AMAs, VMAs, and BBMAs.

They have also collaborated with many famous bands and singers, some of which are The Chainsmokers, Lauve, Steve Aoki, Sia, and Halsey.

 The South Korean music band has a loyal fanbase in Pakistan, as they have in many other parts of the world. Pakistani followers of BTS remain active in supporting and promoting the band. Following the news of Asim Azhar and BTS collaboration, a fan-made video was uploaded with various clips of BTS songs and Asim Azhar’s song playing in the background.

The fans expressed their wish to see Asim and BTS performing together and the response of Asim surprised everyone. Here is what he tweeted:

While his fans were excited and being supportive. Some of the social media users described it as a publicity stunt.

Nonetheless, people are excited and looking forward to see their favorites collab together.