Honda Bikes

Honda looks set to be on the verge of price hikes these days, having announced price updates for both cars and bicycles several times since the beginning of 2020. While most of them can be blamed for the disease, with production plants and showcases, you deal with a dry spelling that lasts for a month, but it all makes sense if it happens once, not several times a month.

In early July, Atlas Honda reviewed the prices of their bikes up to Rs. 20,000. But now, suddenly, they decide that this is not enough. Honda increased the price of their bicycles, for the second time in 30 days. Here is a list of new prices for Atlas Honda Bikes that will come into effect from 1 August 2020:

BikesOld Price (PKR)Revised Price (PKR) Increase (PKR) 
CD-70 Dream82,50082,500
CG-125 S152,900154,9002,000
CG-125 SE154,900156,9002,000
CG-125 F185,900187,9002,000
CG-125 F SE187,900189,5002,000
CB-150 F239,500244,5005,000

Although prices have not risen significantly, they have increased. There is not much difference in the range of products you can talk about, like their sister company with four wheels.

It is worth noting that sales of all consumers are already slow, due to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent closure. To put things in perspective, A report open by Pakistan Vehicle Manufacturers (PAMA) suggests that Atlas Honda sold only 873,902 bicycles in FY-2019-20, in contrast to 1,114,956 bikes during FY-2018-19.

In addition, motorcycle manufacturers were also exempted from the Ambit of Advance tax (AAT) in terms of Budget 2020-21. They produce bicycles with an engine size of up to 200cc and less. However, the company has priced its bicycle prices without providing any specific reason for it.

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