Attock Oil to Inaugurate Islamabad’s First Electric Car Charging Point at a Fuel Station.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In a recent meeting of the Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, it was revealed that Attock Petroleum Limited is setting up an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station on Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad. The tweet also said that its opening was another milestone achieved by the Department of Science and Technology in introducing electric vehicles in Pakistan. However, this is not the first charging station in Islamabad. There is already a BMW EV charging station in Kohsar Market, F-6, which was the first station to charge an EV to be launched in the city.

The electric car policy was approved last month, offering many benefits and incentives to future electric motorists. However, the “first phase” of EV policy has stopped its focus on trucks, buses, bicycles, tricycles, and motor vehicles.The Prime Minister’s adviser on climate change Malik Amin Aslam told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that the benefits of private cars would be added to the EV policy “at a later date”, without giving specific dates or time frames for that. It happened.

The proposed policy is another essential step in ensuring a pollution-free environment that has been the main focus of Prime Minister Imran Khan. That is why the OMC will once again start importing EURO-5 oil, which will begin next month. Experts and industry fear that there will be huge costs after development.

Mian Ali Hameed, Marketing Director at Sazgar Engineering Works Limited, a leading manufacturer of the rickshaw, said work on the manufacture of electric power rickshaws has begun. He also added that these rickshaws would be more expensive than the current ones, more fuel-efficient rickshaws, EV units cost Rs. 400,000 compared to a petrol-headed unit costing Rs. 250,000.

Petrol prices are also likely to go up after EUR0-5 fuel imports. The OMC had already informed the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority about the increase in operating costs and supply chain demand due to its imports. Many speculations are surrounding future developments related to EV policy and EURO-5 fuel guidelines provided to OMCs, whether they will have a significant impact on climate change and if there is a considerable price to be paid in their pursuit. Where this development takes us here, only time will tell.