Coronavirus cases have been escalated since the winter has come and most countries around the world have made it mandatory for the passengers to go through COVID-19 testing before boarding flights.  

To make it easier for the passengers, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has issued the list of authorized laboratories for COVID-19 testing for each of the PIA’s international destinations.  

The COVID-19 testing report from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and Aga Khan laboratories will be applicable for passengers who intend to travel to Dubai and Sharjah, while the testing done from Excel Lab, Shifa Lab, and Advanced Lab will be applicable for the passengers traveling to Abu Dhabi.  

Passengers who intend to travel to Doha will be required to get a COVID-19 screening test from Excel Lab, Aga Khan Lab, and Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre. Besides, reports from Gerry’s Lab and Shaukat Khanum Lab will be applicable for Kuwait flights.  

Flights to any destination in China will be requiring a negative PCR report from Advanced Lab, Children Hospital, Shifa International Hospital, or Maroof International Hospital. And flights for destinations such as Saudi Arabia and Canada will accept screening reports from Excel Lab, Aga Khan Lab, Dr. Essa Laboratory, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, and Shifa Labs. 

For further details regarding the authorized labs for various destinations, visit PIA Travel Advisory