PC-II of Umer Khan Sanjrani Minerals & Natural Resources University has been approved by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP), and the building will be built in the Nok Kundi, Chaghi area on 500 acres of area at an expected cost of six billion rupees. Balochistan is building a university especially for minerals and natural resources to give quality higher education and to provide experienced manpower in the field.

Balochistan to Get a Minerals and Natural Resources University

A specialist has been hired for the feasibility study of the building work which will be performed within the next couple of weeks, for which the inspection report will be presented to the concerned officials. A concluding report concerning the initiation of the building work will be completed by 5 March 2021. A senior official in university, who is well informed of the project, has said that the federal government is also managing on developing a plan to investigate the unexplored important minerals of Balochistan.

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A new public sector corporation will be established in the province to expedite the projects for the investigation of Balochistan’s minerals. The official revealed, The latest entity titled ‘Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company Limited (BMEC)’ will be a common venture of the federal and Balochistan governments, with 10% and 90% shares individually.