The year 2020 has not been best for the automotive sector in Pakistan. Due to high taxes, a slow market, and the coronavirus epidemic, local producers have come to record high sales.

Sedan  SUV:

However, we bring you the good news of this local market turmoil. And news about the shipment of three new cars to Pakistan. The vehicles we are discussing in this section come from three different companies. After the release, these new cars are expected to expand the market. The new cars are Hucundai Nishat’s Tucson SUV, Proton Sedan Saga, Chinese company Changan Alsvin Sedan, and Toyota Corolla Cross.

So, without delay, let’s discuss the expectations and specifics of these vehicles, set to hit Pakistan in 2020.

Hyundai Nishat’s Tucson

Hyundai Tucson SUV Launch in Pakistan Teased!

The Hyundai Nishat’s Tucson SUV is the first car we are excited about. The South Korean company re-entered Pakistan last year, and there are now rumors that Tucson will be released from the local market this year. PakWheels had previously reported that the SUV had been seen in the country twice, which indeed acknowledged its launch and improved the wait for its fans. Although the company has not released its specifications yet, our sources have revealed some of them.

Speaking of its exterior, it’s no secret after being seen twice. The car has full LED headlights, LED Rear Combination Taillights, powerful-looking wheel-wheel design, radiator grill, and standard, very body cut. Our sources have reported the use of high-quality leather on the dashboards. Sources said it has a 10-lane driveway, providing significant space and seating. In addition, the car has been reported to have a high touch screen, giving the interior a chic look.

Hyundai will launch Tucson with a 16-Valve In-Line 4-Cylinder, a 2.0 MP Gasoline Engine, 155 horsepower PS / 6,200 rpm, and 19,6 Maximum Torque kg-m / 4,000 rpm. This SUV will go with the 6-Speed ​​automatic. In addition, reports said Tucson would have three modes of driving, standard, sports, and Econ. The company also makes the car safer as there will be two airbags in it, with a body made of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS).

This new Pakistani SUV is 1,850 mm wide, 4,480 mm long, and 1,660 mm high, with a 2,670mm wheelbase. Hyundai will launch this SUV in competition with KIA Sportage and Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan. We are much more excited about the new addition to the Pakistani market and are waiting tirelessly.

Proton Saga

2020 Proton Saga

Another car, to be launched in Pakistan soon is Proton’s Saga Sedan. The Malaysian company has signed an agreement with the Al-Haj Group to establish a conference center in Karachi. According to available information, the Saga is 4331mm long, 1689mm wide, and 1491mm high, with 2465mm wheelbase. The vehicle will reportedly be introduced with a 1299 cc inline-four cylinders 16 valve engine DOHC VVT engine. This engine is rated at about 94HP and has a torque of 120NM.

The company reportedly introduced the Saga in three stages in Pakistan. The first is standard, the second is standard with Auto, and the third is Premium with Auto variants. The manual and auto-level will be available with the same features, while the Premium will have more completeness in it.

Changan Alsvin Sedan

Alsvin Sedan on Pakistani Roads

We are discussing today is a Chinese company Alsvin Sedan a Chinese company. The car was recently spotted in Pakistan. According to reports, Changan will introduce Alsvin in two different phases, the first being a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder DVVT with 104ppower, and the second is a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder DVVT engine with 107ppower. Both engines are compatible with 5-speed Manual and 5-speed automatic transmissions. Reportedly, the new Sedan will come with ABS, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system, start to assist, rearview camera and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD).

Besides, the company will install hydraulic power steering, with front disc brakes and drum brakes on the rear wheels. The car will also have an Eco-Drive assistance guide. The front of the vehicle will have Proton signature areas, called the “endless weave grille.” Halogen headlights are included in all variations. The standard wheel size will be 185/60/14 Standard manual/module auto, and it will be metal wheels with covers, the Premium variant will have 15 ″ -two-Alloy wheel wheels.

Sales of traditional sedans worldwide are negative, and buyers are more likely to travel on anything. Brands like Toyota and Honda already have a good number of offers in the CUV / SUV range, but there is always more space, which is happening worldwide with every other brand.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Corolla Cross Revealed. Possible Arrival to Pakistan

We have heard about new utility vehicles from Toyota for a while. Earlier this year, Toyota unveiled the Yaris Cross, an enhanced version of the Yaris hatchback, on another offering table. Toyota Trade has identified the “Corolla Cross” in 2018, and it is only time for its arrival.

The day is finally here, and Toyota has officially revealed the “Corolla Cross” and Thailand as its first stop. Over the past decade, this segment of the automotive sector has continued with steroids. Every other manufacturer brings its own type of SUV or crossovers because there is so much demand. As we never thought that someone like Porsche, a company known for its two-door car, could bring one of the most luxurious SUVs in the Cayenne way.

Jaguar has already released its version in the form of a Jaguar F-Pace. To date, even the 900th of its luxury sports cars and saloons have unveiled one such “Bentley Bentayga.” SUV market trends have forced many car companies to skip this segment. Operating companies like Lamborghini should not have been left behind in this SUV area, and we recently saw it in the status of Lamborghini Urus. Being a budget car, the interior of the Saga is simple in black. The car seats are made of different fabrics and fabrics, especially those held.

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