We all are sorrowful and raged over the motorway incident happened a few days earlier and the statement given by CCPO Lahore Umer Sheikh worked as a fuel to the flames. The whole nation was infuriated on him blaming the victim that she wasn’t careful enough. However, after five days, he has officially presented an apology for his earlier statement.

The incident happened on the motorway, which is supposed to be the safest way to travel, however, the area where it happened was somehow not under the jurisdiction of any authority. The application for that matter has been sent to the concerned authorities earlier this year but it remained on the tables and didn’t act upon. It was further revealed that the same kind of case has happened 6 months earlier at the same spot and still nobody took notice. People were questioning the Police and other concerned authorities for such carelessness and dereliction of duties and in addition, CCPO’s victim-blame strategy to solving the case happened. It was such a disgusting move.

People across the country were demanding him to resign from his duties and publicly apologize for his remarks. However, after five days of his statement, he seems to realize the insensitivity of his comments and how it hurt the emotions of people.

CCPO Lahore, Umar Sheikh said that he never meant to hurt the feelings of the survivor or any other person in his recent video that has been posted on Social media.

He said that his words were misunderstood and he did not want to hurt or pressurize anyone. Many people got infuriated and hurt because of him and he was sincerely sorry for them and for the sister who became the victim of the assault.

Here is the video of CCPO Lahore apologizing during his meeting Governor of Punjab.