American beverage company Pepsi has been temporarily shut down. Chinese officials.

US and China

As of the afternoon of June 22, the rapidly spreading epidemic of coronavirus had infected about 9 million people worldwide, killing more than 468,000 people worldwide. While many countries around the world are currently easing the lockdown despite the rise in corona cases, China has begun cracking down on the new wave of the corona, not just food to stem the new wave of the corona. Shut down the beverage markets, stop importing chicken from the United States, and temporarily shut down Pepsi’s American beverage company.

Authorities in the capital, Beijing, have temporarily suspended chicken imports from the United States and shut down a Pepsi factory in the country in response to a new wave of the corona. Tested on a million people, 22 of whom were diagnosed with corona, and those who were diagnosed with the epidemic all had some activity in the capital’s wholesale market, where daily necessities are sold.

China’s customs department has confirmed that the government has temporarily banned chicken imports from China after new cases were confirmed in Beijing. Chinese authorities have temporarily banned US chicken company Tyson Foods. At the same time, the authorities were instructed to remove the chicken from the company instead of offering it for sale.

Tyson is the largest importer of chicken in China. The Chinese government banned the import of US chicken after several employees at the company’s factory in the United States were diagnosed with corona, Chinese officials said. The beverage company Pepsi also ordered the papad factory to close temporarily. Pepsi was instructed to close the factory after several employees at the factory were diagnosed with corona. The Chinese government took these steps at a time when a total of 220 people have been killed in Beijing over the past few days. New cases have been reported.

Most of the new cases that have appeared in Beijing have been reported in people who come to the fresh wholesale market, shop there, or work there, following a wave of new cases in the fresh goods markets. Fresh goods markets have also begun testing other items, including chicken, vegetables, and fruits. The coronavirus also started in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, but China overcame the corona in just a few months, and the total number of infected people there is less than 90,000 while the death toll is up to 5,000. China has been witnessing a new wave of corona for weeks, and officials fear the situation could spiral out of control if drastic measures are not taken in time to stem the tide.

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