China has declared to give more COVID vaccine shots to Pakistan as a gift by March 31 after foreign representatives from both sides carried a telephonic talk. Both of them considered continuing Covid-19 status and other stuff associating with a common concern. Shah Mahmood Qureshi showed appreciation to the Chinese authority for their best prayers for PM Imran Khan, who is undergoing the virus. He also praised the help developed by China to Pakistan in undertaking the COVID-19 condition and praised their administration for giving vaccines to the country as a souvenir.

The Chinese external minister stated that more than 100 nations have progressed them for the vaccine, yet, they have prioritized the procurement of doses to Pakistan owing to their worthy alliance. Both of them also admitted continuing to keep the high-level association between the two sides in the tomorrow. Earlier in the day, it was announced that Pakistan will get the fourth consignment of a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine this month.

The references stated the consignment carrying 60,000 shots of CanSino Biologics COVID-19 vaccine will come to Islamabad on March 26 while the fifth shipment of the vaccine will arrive in the country on March 31. They stated the government has urged China for the cargo of one million shots. So far, Pakistan has got three loads of Sinopharm vaccine as Beijing has given 1.5 million shots to Islamabad. Pakistan is currently injecting frontline healthcare operators and residents above the age of 60 free of cost practicing Sinopharm shots provided by China.

By Sannia khakwani

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