Chris Gayle, Universe Boss, used their social media account to advertise his latest music single, “Wack We A Wack”.
Great Jamaican who is recognized for his dangerous batting has now tried into the music industry following the footsteps of fellow teammate, DJ Bravo. Bravo’s ‘Hero’ was an immediate success, notably among cricket fans. The start poster also revealed that the to-be-released song will continue on all main music platforms all over the globe.
On 7th February Gayle first revealed the story on social media with his latest album “Blessings”. So let’s take a look at the tweet:

Gayle recently used their social media to share a small audio clip crediting no one behind the statement. The song will be released under the name “Triple Century Records” which appears to be Gayle’s brand, motivated by his experience of getting more than one triple-century in Test cricket.

By Fatima Sadaf khan

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