CCPO Lahore has been on the headlines for not-so-good reasons lately. With his insensitive remarks against the motorway rape case victim, he made people around the country furious. And now, he is in hot water for another one of his controversial statements.

CCPO Lahore is again under the fire for inappropriate conduct with his subordinate. Trainee Sub-Inspector Fahad Iftikhar Virk was his subordinate and a very hardworking police officer. However, God knows what Umar Sheikh is up to, as he has even forgotten the common decency. During an official meeting, he harshly criticized Virk and the reason is something you will be surprised to hear.

During an interview with The Express Tribune, Fahad told that he was among the Punjab Police leading personnel who established the social media cell. During the meeting, CCPO Lahore asked him a question and he started answering in English. It is however peculiar to understand why this provoked Sheikh’s reaction.

He allegedly abused the Trainee Sub-Inspector Fahad Iftikhar by calling him “Angrez ki aulad” and “Khotay ka bacha”. Such obscene words were unable to endure by any sane man and thus the officer resigned from the forces.

With each of his indecent moves, CCPO Lahore is becoming more unacceptable and ill-suited for his position. The argument between CCPO and the trainee officer demoralized and disheartened many other police officers.

Reference: Tribune