Travelers belonging to lands seriously harmed by coronavirus have been banned from moving to Pakistan. According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announcement concerning coronavirus, these fresh directions will take effect from March 23 to April 5. The level C countries involve Brazil, Peru, Ghana, Colombia, Zambia & Tanzania. Travelers from these nations will not be permitted to enter Pakistan owing to the increasing number of coronavirus crises there. The CAA’s directives declare that travelers of 20 nations involved in section A will be free from coronavirus examinations. Nations part of this list involves Australia, China, Bhutan, Myanmar, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea.

According to the report, coronavirus tests have been made compulsory for travelers of category B nations, 72 hours before landing in Pakistan. The CAA mandate says that the United Kingdom (UK) has been excluded from category C and attached to class B, while other nations are still on the list. The country is currently battling the third surge of coronavirus which is stated to be more harmful and perilous by health specialists. Pakistan’s coronavirus positivity percentage reaches 8.7% with 3,677 new coronavirus incidents recorded across the country throughout the prior 24 hours.

By Sannia khakwani

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