The Department of Home Affairs has mentioned that the number of cybercrimes and complaints is increasing day by day.

Cybercrimes decline in Pakistan

According to information submitted to the National Assembly, 50 505 complaints have been registered over the past four years in which 11 389 complaints have been turned into inquiries, and 1071 Cases / MOTO filed up to 30 September 2019. ionic / Claim cases. It was also revealed that 1325 cases were registered up to 31 January 2020 after the commencement of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016.

A further 1103 cases have been reported since 2007 prior to the appointment of PECA 2016. In 546 cases, a full challan has been filed, as in 435 cases, a temporary challan has been referred, and 344 cases are still being investigated. There are 14 cases filed under PECA 2016.

Currently, 131 standards / non-developmental posts operate on FIA’s Cybercrime Wing, where 83 officers/officers serve as regular/permanent staff, and 33 are contracted. In addition, a PSCP-funded project called “National Cyber ​​Response Center (NR3C) Phase-III” was approved at the CDWP meeting held on 19-03-2018 with 416 contract positions. To date, 354 employees have been employed on a contractual basis.

These steps have been followed by the government to curb cybercrime:

  • The FIA’s cybercrime Wing has proposed an extension of its wing with Phase III of the NR3C, which has been approved.
  • 10 new cybercrime reporting centers have been notified on these active channels: Islamabad, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan, Abbottabad, D.I Khan, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Gilgit, Gwadar. Four hundred seven cybercrime investigators, Forensic Specialists, technical staff, etc., have been re-hired.
  • Enforcement of Digital Forensic Laboratories tools and technical investigative tools to meet the cyber world’s growing challenges.
  • The capacity building of cybercrime investigators and technology experts is guaranteed by the inclusion of foreign and international independent agencies.
  • The discovery of the latest Investigation and Forensic gadgets in active cyber research is underway.

via FIA