Federal Minister of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives Mr.Asad Umar has said,

Asad Umer

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives Mr.Asad Umar has said that all the circumstances and evidences indicates a major decline in patients’ inflow at the hospitals despite the recent increase in the number of Covid-19 tests around the country. But the positive thing has enhanced the worries of the decision-makers, as they feared that people may stop taking precautionary measures against the highly contagious virus with a little improvement in this worst situation .

While talking to media, Minister of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives Mr.Asad Umar said the numbers of daily tests, which had fall down to around 20,000 [during last week], was again increased to approximately 25,000 around the country.

“Still, the inflow of the patients has decline. Though Sindh has not send us proper feedback, the proper feedback was send by Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, as well as Islamabad express that the inflow of the patients has recline,” he said.

“There are 4 different variables through which it can be point out that if theesclate of the corona virus has been decreased. In another way, the system exhibits its situation through several daily positive cases, the number of admitted patients, the number of patients on ventilators, and the number of death cases. All four variables have been showing positive signs as numbers are decreasing,” he said.

The minister said the anecdotal shreds of evidence were also showing that the number of coronavirus cases had been on the decline. “I have talked to the Minister of Health Punjab Dr.Yasmin Rashid, and she also explain that the inflow of patients, at the hospitals, has reduced. On Monday, during a meeting of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), Dr. Faisal Sultan [Focal Person to PM on Covid-19] said he used to see the crowds in the cellphone surveillance door outside his home. However, a few days ago, people had not come there to test out the deadly virus,” he said.

In answer to the question, the minister said he was delighted with the situation but at the same time and worried that people might stop following the SOPs due to the recession. “Everyone must take precautionary measures because otherwise, there will be another round of litigation in the coming days,” the minister said.

On the last day, the country reported 2,711 coral incidents and 100 deaths, with the country’s 208 358 cases dropping and 4,254. Media coordinator at Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (Pims), Islamabad, Dr. Waseem Khawaja said that 75pc beds, dedicated to Covid-19 patients, were vacant in Pims. “There are 212 oxygen beds and 25 ventilators in the hospital, but only 56 of the Covid-19 patients were admitted (on Sunday) of the ten who are in a ventilator,” he said.

Reference Dawn News