Duke university’s researchers conducted a study which claims that the patients who previously exposed to Dengue fever may not catch the COVID-19 infection as their immune system will resist the infection.

During the course of the study (2019-2020), the comparison of the geographic distribution of COVID-19 cases with the spread of Dengue was initially performed across Brazil. It was evident that regions with massive Dengue outbreak had few COVID-19 cases and the infection was spreading very slowly.

In addition to that, surprisingly the people with higher levels of antibodies against the Dengue fever showed a lower rate of mortality caused by COVID-19.

Brazilian Scientist and Physician Miguel Nicolelis, who is also a Neuroscience Professor at Duke University is the leading author of this research study. According to Nicolelis the results of this study indicates the similarity among the antibodies of Dengue and coronavirus infections.

He further added that this significant finding implies the compelling possibility of immunological cross-reactivity between SARS-CoV-2 and Dengue’s Flavivirus Serotypes. In this case, if the hypothesis gets accepted, there is a possibility that an effective Dengue vaccine can provide immunity against Coronavirus infections as well.

Nicolelis titled the results of the study to be “astonishing” for the reason that not even a single researcher was expecting immunological cross-reactivity among the viruses as both COVID-19 and Dengue belong to different families.

The study was done in Brazil however, the researchers of Duke University have broadened their scope to some parts of Latin America and Asia, and the results revealed a similar relationship: Slower Coronavirus transmission rate in the areas where Dengue fever prevailed previously.