Several healthcare experts, innovators, and startups have made untiring efforts to invent COVID-19 testing tools however, only a few got succeeded. A local startup “DetectNow” has made a similar attempt to diagnose the virus, with the use of Artificial Intelligence. 

 DetectNow’s innovative AI device can detect the presence of virus through the cough audios. As we know that coughing is the most eminent symptom of coronavirus, there must be a difference among the regular cough and cough of a virus-stricken person. DetectNow is presently situated in National Incubation Center (NIC). 

When a person coughs, it gets recorded on DetectNow’s device, it then executes an algorithm on the cough audio for analysis, and further examine it for coronavirus probability. The cough audios of a person are then compared to the cough audio database of tested patients and determine whether it is positive or negative. The action of the application can be checked here. 

The idea of this tool has been presented in the CodeVsCovid19 hackathon, in March 2020, and DetectNow conceived it. The idea has initially submitted by Simon Hofer in the hackathon whereas, Zeeshan Karamat matured the prototypes. They are known as the initial idea generators and project leaders of DetectNow. They have now expanded their team with 14 engineers, doctors, and entrepreneurs.  

This novel idea not only won the CodeVsCovid19 hackathon but also succeeded in Solve For Humanity hackathon held in April. Those were the initial positive outcomes but played a vital part in making the startup a great success.