According to the viewpoint of Shahid Afridi, Misbah-ul-Haq (the head coach and chief selector of Pakistan Cricket Team) lost the opportunity to win the World Cup Semifinal in 2011 against India.   

During an interview with an Arab news channel, he said that we have missed a great opportunity. India won the match by just 29 runs as the two veteran players of the Pakistan team Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq played slow, which piled the pressure on the lower order. Misbah made 56 runs in 76 balls while Younis made just 13 runs in 32 balls.  

This being said, Afridi didn’t put the blame on Misbah for losing the World Cup.  

Many people criticized Misbah for playing slow in that very critical match, however people must understand that this is his game. He always tried to stay on the crease for as long as he could. But in that match, all Pakistan needed was to get the scoreboard going.  

Afridi also praised the late Bob Woolmer (former Pakistani Coach) and said that due to his non-involvement in politics, he remained successful during his period and supported players in thick and thin. Being the coach of the Pakistani Cricket Team, he knew the strength and weaknesses of every player and never affront any of them, instead always back them up. 

Afridi also said the game of cricket should be out of politics and disputes and as Pakistani players are not welcomed in IPL, they are missing a great opportunity to improve their diversified cricketing skills. He also believed that the young players of the Pakistani team would’ve learned to tackle the pressure however, unfortunately, the situation is not in our hands.  

Following his interview, Arab News misquoted his statement and posted that Afridi blamed Misbah for losing the 2011 World Cup, however, Afridi clarified this misunderstanding with a tweet: