Esra Bilgiç a Turkish famous actress married a football player in 2017, Esra and Gökhan Töreand Turkish national footballer have taken their marriage only too far for two years. But, netizens are now questioning if the two had a daughter that the 28-year-old star has kept a mystery.

Esra Bilgiç is one of the most popular non-Pakistani stars in this nation. She got huge help from fans after the announcement of Urdu-dubbed Diriliş: Ertuğrul. But, outside of the Turkish historical dramas, not much was understood about her. Most of the people did not see any of her other movies or dramas either.

Esra Bilgiç

Pictures of Esra alongside a modern girl are doing rounds on different social media platforms. But netizens are also questioning whether the girl is the Turkish actress’s daughter. As it changes out, Mercan Ece Yılmaz is NOT Esra’s daughter. The young girl seen alongside the star is her daughter in the dramas. So Let’s take a look at the photos:

Esra Bilgiç

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