Minister of Science & Technology, Fawad Chaudhry announced the installation of vehicle charging stations on all the motorways. This revelation has been made during the signing of an MoU with UK-based EGV for electric bus assembly in Pakistan.  

While addressing the ceremony, the federal minister expressed his desire for the country to adopt modern technology like this, as this is a key for all the modern-day challenges coming ahead for the nation. EGV being the largest and most successful bus manufacturing company in the world is looking forward to work with Pakistan for electric bus manufacturing and its mainstreaming in the country.  

He informed the media that the plan to initiate the bus service will start from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Moreover, in the coming decade, around 40% of the public buses in Pakistan will shift to electric, to embrace the modern-day need for technological advancement.  

It was also revealed that the entire motorway network will be equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.  

The first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station has been installed in Islamabad about three months ago by the Pakistan State Oil (PSO). While addressing its inauguration ceremony, Federal Minister of Power Division, Omar Ayub Khan notified the media about the government’s plan to install 24 EV charging stations across the country. He said that the government is taking all the necessary steps to tackle the air pollution threat.  

The recent development regarding EGV’s operations in Pakistan and the Government’s plan to equip motorway with EV charging stations is very welcoming news for the country’s future development.