The four-day inclusive conference of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) would start in Paris to evaluate Pakistan’s improvement. The gathering will also determine the fate of Pakistan regarding the grey list. The resolutions taken during the future virtual conference will be declared on February 25, 2021. Pakistani executives state that if judgments are based on excellence, then the country’s title will be likely excluded from the FATF’s grey list.

Yet, in case of non-compliance to any action policy, Pakistan will be granted more time to comply with it, which may also guide to the country’s expulsion from the list. After its October 2020 conference, FATF firmly asked Pakistan to maintain functioning on executing its progress projects and discuss vital lacks.

Pakistan had offered a development report on the prevailing six actions plan to FATF last month, and now it is up to the global watchdog to compromise on the fate of the grey list suspension, based on the development made by Pakistan so far. The administration is confident that the breakthroughs previously accomplished will drive to Pakistan being certainly excluded from the grey list in the upcoming June.

By Sannia khakwani

I am a self motivated writer with interest in current affairs and technology areas. Though I am a beginner but I believe in improving through learning.