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The owner of the domain name makes it available to Internet users, in order to provide information about the owner’s products and services.

The identifying details of the domain name holder are:

Name or company name: JOOVI`S DEVELOPER

E-mail address:  [email protected]

Joovi`s is a commercial company with a profit motive, whose corporate purpose is the edition and distribution of magazines and the advertising and public relations services.

The main objective of the TOP PAKISTANI TRENDS website is to make users’ videos and last-minute information on technology as well as current affairs available, and also create an online community so that Internet users can share content and opinions related to Pakistan.


The present General Conditions of Use of PAKISTAN TRENDS are intended to regulate both the provision of the information contained in PAISTAN TRENDS to users and the commercial relationships that arise with PAKISTAN TRENDS users.

By simply browsing http://www.pakistsntrendz.comand / or by using the services included in it, you acquire the status of User. Both navigation and the use of Pakistan current affairs and / or the use of any of the PAKITAN TRENDS services imply acceptance as a User, without reservation of any kind, of each and every one of these General Conditions of Use.

Joovi`s may at any time and without prior notice, modify these General Conditions, by the modification of this announcement, in order that they may be known by Users before visiting TOP PAKISTANI TRENDZ. The General Conditions of Use in force will always be those published in this announcement at the time of access to  by the User.


Joovi`s is not responsible for the content and opinions of third parties posted on PAKSTAN TRENDS, nor for the information contained on third party web pages that can be accessed by PAKSTAN TRENDS Links or search engines, since their function is to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information on the subject on the Internet, where you can expand the data offered on this website, and in no case implies a suggestion, invitation or recommendation on them.

Part of PAKISTAN TRENDZ may host advertising content or be sponsored. Advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion in PAKISTAN TRENDZ complies with the laws that in each case may be applicable. Joovi`s will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that may be contained in advertising or sponsor content.


Intellectual and industrial property rights are all the rights recognized by the intellectual property legislation that are of a patrimonial or exploitative nature for any purpose and for any form of use, as well as all the rights recognized by the industrial property legislation, included in both cases the power to request the appropriate registrations and inscriptions to obtain or protect these rights.

In no case shall it be understood that any license is granted or waiver, transmission, total or partial transfer of said rights is granted nor is any right or expectation of law conferred, and especially, of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication about said contents without the prior express authorization of Joovi`s or the corresponding holders.

The use of all the elements object of industrial and intellectual property for commercial purposes as well as their distribution, modification, alteration or recompilation is strictly prohibited.

The publication of messages, web pages, file storage or the public communication of any other content through PAKISTAN TRENDZ supposes the recognition in favor of it of a free license with the maximum scope that the applicable legal system allows, not worldwide and exclusive to use, copy, adapt, transmit, execute or publicly disclose any of these contents, and sublicense to third parties the exercise of any of the above rights, in whole or in part.


Joovi`s` will not be responsible in the event that there are service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctions thereof and, in general, other inconveniences that originate from causes beyond Joovi’s control, and / or due to willful or guilty of the User and / or is caused by force majeure.

All events occurring outside the control of Joovi`s`, such as: third party failure, will be understood to be included in the concept of force majeure. , operators or service companies, government acts, lack of access to third party networks, acts or omissions of public authorities, those others produced as a consequence of natural phenomena, blackouts, etc. and the attack by Hackers or specialized third parties on the security or integrity of the computer system, provided that Joovi`s`has adopted all the existing security measures in accordance with the state of the art.

Joovi`s is not responsible for the use that each user gives to the materials made available on this website or for the actions carried out based on them. Joovi`s is not responsible for the use that the User makes of the services and products of PAKISTAN TRENDZ nor of their passwords, as well as of any other material of PAKISTAN TRENDZ,

Joovi`s does not assume any responsibility for damages that may be caused to Users’ equipment due to possible computer viruses contracted by the User as a result of browsing PAKISTAN TRENDZ, or in links to other pages or for any other damage derived from browsing. .

TRENDZ, in addition to not guaranteeing the correction of any defect or the absence of viruses and other harmful components on this website. “or on the Server that supplies it.

The User is obliged to make reasonable use of the community services of the PAKISTAN website TRENDZ. Joovi`s` will not assume any responsibility derived from the misuse that the User makes of the web or the contents that it shares.

It is expressly prohibited:

  • Violation of the fundamental rights to the honor, image and personal and family privacy of third parties.
  • Violation of the duty of secrecy in communications.
  • The infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights.
  • Violation of the regulatory rules for the protection of personal data.

The User will be liable for damages of any nature that Joovi`s` may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to which it is subject by these conditions or the particular conditions that are applicable.


For any litigation or matter involving PAKISTAN TRENDZ by Joovi`s, Pakistani legislation will apply, being competent for the resolution of all disputes arising or related to PAKISTAN TRENDZ, the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Pakistann).


PAKISTAN TRENDZ, its all the comment areas you have at your disposal, are the perfect place for you to get in touch with users who, like you, love Pakistani affairs and like to share their points of view. Therefore, for the proper functioning of all these spaces of opinion, we want you to know that at PAKISTAN TRENDS we have imposed some mandatory rules.

The inappropriate use of our opinion spaces for illegal purposes and that constitute a crime that is prosecutable by law. Thus, all references to piracy, ways to obtain games illegally or any comments that seek to obtain copyrighted materials without making any compensation to their rightful owners will be prohibited. 

Advertising activities, SPAM or tools that artificially alter the normal operation of comments are not allowed.