The administration is set to eliminate bonuses possible to power customers on a monthly expenditure limit of 201 to 300 units. The suggested subsidy program for the financial year 2021 will target domestic electricity customers with an aggregate of 300 units of expenditure per month. This will occur in a financial result of nearly Rs. 19.5 billion. The introduction of more tax bits for larger customers is also on the papers. Farming tube-well customers will also be targeted for help. Moreover, zero-rate bonuses will be linked to actual exports.

The prevailing level of support has been estimated at Rs. 421 billion. Out of this, Rs. 38 billion for Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Rs. 18 billion for 402,000 ex-FATA-residential customers, Rs. 26 billion is for 3,936 zero-rated technical customers and Rs. 36 billion for Industrial Support Package (ISP) to be presented to 337,000 manufacturing customers.
For 18 million customers, using 1-100 units monthly, a grant of Rs. 65 billion has been selected. For 5 million residential customers with a monthly expenditure of 101 to 200 units, a grant of Rs. 78 billion has been selected. Additionally, Rs. 59 billion has been saved in premium for customers with a monthly routine of 201 to 300 units.

The Federal Government is also stretching an Rs. 26 billion grant to 2 million customers of Karachi Electric.
In the farming sector, payments of Rs. 23 billion are kept for 29,000 farming customers of Balochistan. For farming customers in other shipping firms (Discos), Rs. 63 billion has been saved for payment.

By Sannia khakwani

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