In terms of advances in modern technologies, 5G Technology and other related services have been piloted in Pakistan to acquaint consumers with advanced technologies and to benefit from its benefits and to be in tune with the international community. has been done.

Telecom Sector

It was the Danish astronomer Ulus Roemer who successfully measured the speed of light based on observations of Jupiter’s lunar eclipse in 1676. According to the study in which the speed of light is about 300 million meters per second. Later, in the early twentieth century, the German-born physicist and mathematician Albert Einstein based his famous formula E = mc2 on the fact that the kinetic energy of any matter is equal to the square of the speed of light. The formula reinforced the theory of the speed of light and made it a potentially achievable target. In this theory, if one looks at the pages of history, one thing becomes clear: man is the result of his natural curiosity and quest. But is obsessed with getting energy at maximum speed.

And the pace of light seems to be on track, whether it’s the industrial revolution or the mobile technology generation – and it’s safe to say that new telecom technologies are a stepping stone to that. Because one of the things that have had the most impact on people’s personal lives, social attitudes, government policies, global society and politics and society over the last decade is telecommunications – bread and butter if you look at it in the true sense. The Internet has become an integral part of life.

And when it comes to speed, mobile telecommunications technology seems to be gaining ground. The combination of the spectrum, electromagnetic waves, and frequency bands spread the magical colors of the rainbow. In the 5G era, priorities like speed, intelligence, safety, and reasonable cost are expected. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are advancing at an unprecedented pace in recent years. Artificial intelligence machines can analyze and interpret large amounts of data to perform a wide range of tasks.

Increasing agricultural productivity can help diagnose and eradicate cancer and other complex pest diseases. Important issues such as environmental protection and climate change can also be overcome with the help of technology—cheap and clean energy in the world. From the acquisition of zero rates of hunger is expected. Automated vehicles show high potential to reduce the 1.3 million deaths that occur on our roads every year.

Many devices connected to the Internet is likely to reach 50 billion at any one time by 2025. Future conditions suggest that emotion detection technology or effect recognition technology. The subtle expressions on your face, your accent, and even your gait will reveal your inner emotional state.

By 2050, the echo of the creation of a half-human and half-robotic “Cyborg Soldier” is heard, a human-machine integration with infrared and ultraviolet vision. The plant will be able to hear infrasonic and ultrasonic sounds. The combination of neural growth and technology will enable the machine and the human brain to communicate. Revolutionary inventions such as miracles in the field of communication technology and common-sense communication are taking off Experts in science who have a keen eye on the evolution of global human society are thriving on this, and now this technology is directly affecting not only the economic and cultural evolution of countries but also defense, and It is also becoming a topic of military stability.

While progress is being made on modern technologies around the world and last year’s technology was seen with progress, hope, energy, and enthusiasm, there is a need to know where Pakistan stands in this race and what is the desired level of role. Fortunately, despite all the crises and challenges, while the growth rate has been slower than in other sectors, the Pakistan Telecom sector’s performance has been encouraging and welcome over the years.

The telecom sector’s annual performance, the Pakistan Telecom Authority, has emerged as a prominent body of telecom regulators, whether it is the advancement of technology, digital and economic development, protection of consumer rights, or international. However, at the grassroots level, it can be said that 2019 was one of the most successful years in terms of PTA.

In January 2019, the appointment of PTA Chairman Major General (retd) Amir Azeem Bajwa Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Member Compliance and Enforcement Dr. Khawar Siddique Khokhar came into effect. Thus, with the presence of Member Finance Muhammad Naveed, the completion of Authority members was completed. The Authority has set a multi-purpose, broad-based and sustainable priorities and goals in view of the importance and need for further development of the telecom sector and further strengthening and improving PTA’s performance and the importance and need for digital and economic development in Pakistan. Determined.

The Pakistan Telecom Authority is committed to providing maximum convenience and easy access to useful telecom services to customers across the country using the latest technologies and available resources, which is gradually increasing the number of subscribers. ۔ In Jan 2019, the number of mobile subscribers was 154 million, and the number of 3G 4G users was around 62 million, which is crossing the statistical threshold of 165 million and 76 million in a year, respectively.