HBL launched the “Roshan Digital Account” facility for the overseas Pakistanis. The ebanc Roshan Digital Account is a novel idea and need of an hour. It allows overseas Pakistanis to open a bank account in Pakistan from any country in the world easily without visiting the bank. 

With the launch of this innovative product, the Pakistanis living abroad can now easily send their money back home in a trouble-free way. Moreover, day to day banking transactions and other facilities can also be availed from the convenience of wherever they may be. 

While giving remarks on ebanc “Roshan Digital Account”, HBL President & CEO, Muhammad Aurangzeb said that HBL is thriving to digitalize most of its products and processes to ensure the hassle-free customer experience. Overseas remittances have a major role in developing the country’s economy.

With ebanc “Roshan Digital Account” the smooth transactions of incoming remittances will be made possible and HBL will continue to adopt digital platforms to support and the country.