On Monday (Today), Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan has assembled an emergency meeting of the National Security Committee in Islamabad to discuss the emerging situation in Afghanistan. NSC meeting will examine the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban regained their power in Kabul after two decades. On Sunday Ashraf Ghani President fled the nation and allowed the insurgents had conquered the twenty years war. Afghan Taliban getting over the presidential palace in Kabul, triggering panic and fear in the capital.

PM briefs civil-military officials on China visit in first NSC meeting -  Pakistan - DAWN.COM

On Monday thousands of people were trying to escape Kabul with displays of chaos as groups assembled at the airport. Imran Khan talked to Turkey’s President Erdogan, with the two leaders examining the quickly emerging situation in Afghanistan. Imran Khan had told Erdogan that the NSC would gather on Monday to further planned over the evolving circumstances.

Imran Khan reaffirmed Pakistan’s resolve to maintain all efforts with the help of an inclusive political resolution in Afghanistan. Shah Mahmood Qureshi A Foreign Minister had made it open that Pakistan has ‘no favorites’ in Afghanistan and would like to harbor normal relationships with its neighbors, will soon discuss the Afghan issue with the leadership of nearby nations, adding India, China, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, should work to solve the Afghan problem.

He said Pakistan agrees that there should be no military solution to the Afghan issue and wants to solve all problems. Qureshi had said that the circumstances in Afghanistan are quickly changing however, the Embassy of Pakistan in the country is working normally and the Afghan leadership must work together to find a solution that will protect the property as well as the lives of the Afghan people.

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