Opposition rioted during the Prime Minister’s speech in National Assembly

Imran Khan speech in assembly

Prime Minister Imran Khan has paid tribute to the police personnel and guards who were martyred at the Pakistan Stock Exchange and said that India was involved in the attack. Addressing the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India was involved in the attack. Tribute to those. Due to the commotion in the National Assembly before the Prime Minister’s address, the opposition boycotted the Prime Minister’s speech and the opposition benches were empty. Imran Khan said that these people made sacrifices and our security forces Competed and saved a great tragedy because India had this big plan to destabilize Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that these terrorists had brought a lot of weapons, one of their aims was to go to the stock exchange and take them hostage and a plan like that which was once a major terrorist attack in Mumbai, the stock exchange. I would do the same and kill innocent people and create an atmosphere of instability. “We have no doubt that this plan came from India and we have told the cabinet and ministers for the last two months that all our agencies were on high alert. We have identified at least four major terrorist attempts,” he said. Our agencies failed. Earlier, during a meeting in the National Assembly, there was a commotion between the government and the opposition and PTI leader Ali Zaidi and PPP’s Naveed Qamar came face to face.

When Ali Zaidi started his speech, instead of talking about the agenda of supplementary grants, he started criticizing the PPP leadership. Ali Zaidi had brought the JIT report on Uzair Baloch in the House and he Name one person and tell who was involved. On this occasion some members of PPP got angry but Naveed Qamar was urging these members to show restraint and for this reason the speaker asked them to speak. Naveed Qamar said that this attitude is not right and If Abdul Qadir Patel’s name is mentioned then he will explain it.

Condemning the behavior of Ports and Shipping Minister Ali Zaidi in the National Assembly, PPP leader Naveed Qamar said that this is the attitude of the Minister of Ports and Shipping, so are they enhancing the prestige of this House on this occasion. When the government benches intervened during his talk, Naveed Qamar said, “Okay, brother, I will fight again. I will also take off my coat. Let’s fight again.” On this occasion, the opposition members stood on their benches and shouted. Protested.

Reference economictimes