SOPs have been prepared for opening colleges while checking of matriculation papers will start from tomorrow, Provincial Minister for Higher Education and Information Technology Punjab said.

Raja Yasir Humayun

It has been hinted to open all higher education institutions in Punjab in the first week of August. In this regard, Raja Yasir Humayun, Provincial Minister for Higher Education and Information Technology, Punjab, has announced that it is hoped that all institutions of higher education will be opened from August. Speaking on occasion, he said that SOPs had been prepared for the opening of colleges while checking of matriculation papers will start from tomorrow.

It may be recalled that earlier Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood had also hinted that a decision was being taken to open the school following SOPs. Shafqat Mehmood had said that according to the survey, 70% of parents have agreed to send their children to schools for opening schools under SOPs, after which the opening of schools under SOPs is being considered. Once the roadmap is ready, I will take the parents into confidence and explain the action plan through a regular press conference.

Shafqat Mehmood said that while reviewing the reopening of schools, they are also keeping in view the data provided by the NCOC. The government of Pakistan is also consulting with UNICEF on the strategy. The Federal Minister for Education said that he wanted the atmosphere of uncertainty to end on a matter of fundamental importance like education. Earlier, Shafqat Mahmood had announced that all schools would be closed till July 15.

But now after the meeting held yesterday, he had hinted that the schools would be reopened following the SOPs regarding Corona. Is being considered. However, after his statement, the Department of School Education had started preparing SOPs and proposals for reopening the school. Suggestions for 3 hours and compulsory subjects will be offered.