The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has decided seven (07) bands for the approval of 5G services in the nation. Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications is directly in process of evaluating the opportunities possible for the timely launch of 5G services in Pakistan. In this association, the following bands are being assessed for the selection of 5G services as Low bands, Mid bands & High bands. The Ministry because of these bands has asked the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) for giving the prevailing status and availability of all 5G spectrum in the above-identified wavelength bands.

The government is thinking of starting 5G services in the nation by December 2022, which will start new avenues for financing and will stimulate development towards attaining the goal of Digital Pakistan, stated an executive of the ministry. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) last year approved mobile workers for managing tests and examinations of 5G technology following limited circumstances and non-commercial sources. PTA had declared Framework for Test and Development of Future Technologies (Particularly Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Networks in Pakistan) for helping testing/trial only of 5G technology and associated settings in Pakistan.

The speedy increase in the mobile data business and customer requests for improved mobile broadband expertise has driven to growing importance on the future fifth generation of mobile technology (5G). Seen as a whole wireless-access solution with the ability to discuss the needs and demands of mobile communication for IMT-2020 and ahead, it is predicted that this technology will work in highly heterogeneous conditions and provide universal connectivity for a broad variety of things, new applications and use cases stated PTA.

The range of IMT-2020 is much larger than the earlier ages of mobile broadband connection methods.
The ITU’s work in improving the stipulations for IMT-2020 in close collaboration with the whole range of 5G stakeholders is now well started along with the correlated spectrum administration and spectrum identification perspectives. The IMT-2020 will be a foundation for all of the projects associated with achieving the aims in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

By Sannia khakwani

I am a self motivated writer with interest in current affairs and technology areas. Though I am a beginner but I believe in improving through learning.