In 2020 J. JK was established and has expanded over the world with 30 plus international outlets all over Qatar, the US, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE while having a chain and network of 100+ outlets all over Pakistan. In Pakistan, J. is the leading perfumer with beautiful scents ranging from Oriental to French, for both Women and men. During this course of time, J. has identified the participation of many famous stars by introducing the idea of signature fragrances in the nation.

Jahangir Khan (@JK555squash) | Twitter

J. is all decided to pay homage to the man who served Pakistan in a positive light, a man globally identified as the world’s greatest ever performer and an athlete who transcended his game to be recognized as the world’s most numerous ever sportsman. Senior Brand Manager at J Ahmed Ali said “J. is pleased to launch a fragrance of a champion ‘JK 555’, inspired by the success of Pakistan’s most famous ever squash player Jahangir Khan. We are honored that a big player like him is serving us. JK 555’ fragrance is an amazing scent carrying the essence of strength, energy, and progress of the unbeatable hero or champion Jahangir Khan.

The journey of ‘JK 555’ is crafted with vibrant and bright notes of favorite pepper, anise, bergamot, cardamom at the top, mandarin, and an explosive bouquet of floral records and sweet notes of cinnamon. The fragrance hunts off with warm and heartfelt notes of amber musk, vetiver, and patchouli. JK 555’, a scent that represents the quality of a winner, a scent made to succeed, is a strong new addition to the beautiful fragrance series of J. that positive can be a surprise to the followers of ‘Jahangir Khan’.

By Fatima Sadaf khan

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