After the final deadline given to K-Electric which was expired yesterday, the group of hackers hacked the Karachi’s sole electricity supplier website and threatened that they will leak their confidential data. 

Such sensitive information including customers’ names, addresses, NTNs, CNICs, bank account, and credit card details, can be used in any illegal activity. Hackers may also sell this information on the dark web, and millions of K-Electric consumers will be exposed to online threats.  

On September 7, a targeted “Netwalker” ransomware attack has been carried out on K-Electric, which leaves the company with the adjournment of billing and its online services. In the start, the hackers’ gang demanded K-Electric a ransom of $3.5 million which after a week later increased to $7 million.  

Since 7th September, this attack has further caused the disablement of significant functions of the company including internal communication, email services, and correspondence with banks.  

In order to tackle the situation, K-Electric obtained the services of international security experts to regain the website from hackers. A complaint has also been lodged by the company in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for the hacking incident.  

Not to forget that this is not the first time that K-Electric is under the attack of hackers, a cyber-attack had also carried out on K0-Electric in August 2018.