As the Sindh administration had delayed the timeline for operationalization of the much-awaited Green Line Bus Rapid Transport System in Karachi, Planning Minister Asad Umar ordered officials concerned to make the transportation operational by August 2021. During a gathering for Karachi development plans, the representative ordered the Sindh Infrastructure Development Co Ltd (SIDCL) to examine all actions to complete particular timelines on development schemes, especially concerning the implementation of the Integrated Intelligent Transport System (IITS) in Karachi.

The meeting was also accompanied by the SIDCL chief managing officer, chief operating officer, board chairman, a delegate from the Ministry of Railways, and senior directors from other departments/organizations concerned. Addressing the event, Planning Minister Asad Umar said that the Center was practicing all steps to advance the BRT plan to expedite Karachiites, which were currently opened to critical conditions due to the lack of sufficient public transportation. He stated that the federal administration was operating beyond its efficiency to provide Karachi its due benefits, continuing that Green Line BRT should be operational by August 2021.

Examining the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) Freight Corridor Project, Asad Umar advised the Ministry of Railways, SIDCL, and Public-Private Partnership Authority (P3A) to finalize the tripartite contract to plan the expanse of job in all schemes to be started on PPP/BOT methods. Refusing the planning minister’s announcement concerning the operationalization of Green Line BRT by August, Qadir stated that the federal minister knew zero about the scheme and that the buses would not reach before October 2021.

While the federal administration started the Green Line project, the Orange Line was assumed to be a Sindh government project. Under the original design, the Centre was only able for improving the way for Green Line, while the Sindh administration was to get buses and administer operations for both the Green and Orange lines. The BRT Green Line scheme, with junctions, has a 24km long way, which involves 12.7km upgraded, 10.9km at elevation, and 422 meters underground way, besides 25 stations.

By Sannia khakwani

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