On Thursday, September 24th, the prominent Kashmiri lawyer and activist Babar Qadri was killed by unidentified attackers in Srinagar. The 40-year-old maverick lawyer was shot in head and chest in the courtyard of his house. 

This brutal killing has become one of the most high-profile casualties in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan has strongly condemned this atrocity and demanded an independent investigation of this case.  

Due to his active talks shows participation in supporting Kashmiri rights and condemning India’s brutality, he was considered as a threat by many. On September 21, He posted a tweet asking the police to take action against Shah Nazir, who allegedly said that Babar is working for agencies. The statement isn’t true and can be a threat to my life. He also posted the screenshot of Nazir and his conversation. 

Unfortunately, right after three days of this tweet, he was killed.

On Friday, talking about the brutal killing of such a valuable activist of Kashmir, Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said Babar was actively participating in Nationalistic debates and talk shows. He was the voice of Kashmir which India has silenced as a series of its human rights violations. 

He further added that inhumane authorities of IIOJK have snapped the laws like the Unauthorized Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), Public Safety Act (PSA), and Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in order to mute anyone who keeps differing views and stand against their viciousness. 

During the last one year, Indians forces have extra-judicially killed 300 Kashmiris in numerous fake encounters and search operations, and Babar Qadri becomes another victim of Indian terrorism. He made it clear that such brutality would not make Kashmiris to withdraw from their freedom resolution and India should mind it.  

Pakistan has also called upon the international community and the United Nations UN, in particular, to address them about India’s serious crimes against innocent Kashmiris. FO spokesperson emphasized the importance of immediate action for extra-judicial killings in Kashmir through an independent international body.  

It was stated by the Kashmir Media Services (KMS) that during a TV debate, Babar loudly said “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Hindustan Murdabad”. He strongly criticized BJP policies regarding the IIOJK and supported and participated in many conferences that emphasized the resolution of the Kashmir dispute according to their demands and UN resolutions.  

In his social media campaign, He was very forthright about revealing the human rights violations in Kashmir by the Indian forces. Being a lawyer, he pleaded the cases of many Kashmiri freedom activists and Hurriyat leaders in the courts.