Recently a few recent viral videos on social media. In two such videos, there is a visible leak from the Sportage roof.

Kia Sportage

In the automotive industry, two names will always be “Fit & Finish.” It means how the parts and panels come together, how they fit, the spaces, the edges, and how one car compares to another after its assembly. Weather-strip Welding Filter, bolting, drawing, and long-range, from light torque to highly efficient robots; everything is necessary. Automotive companies have strong quality control (QC) units that can detect any relevant object and complete the issues quickly so that the same problem does not recur and be seen throughout the product. A small incorrect gap between the car door panels can completely ruin the look of the car and come out looking naked quickly.

Car Signs:

Your car has a lot of connections. Some are made of metal; fasteners connect some while certain areas have weather line signs and weather edges. Your back and rear screen are set up with the help of waterproof, viscous markers, but they are flexible to stop the movement from being transferred to the glass. Such waterproof signs are also installed around panoramic / sunroofs. Remember that no passenger car is 100% water-free in floods, although the vehicle must be 100% closed against rain/bathwater.

Viral Leaks Vs. Floods Videos:

Recently a few recent viral videos on social media. In two such videos, there is a visible leak from the Sportage roof. The owner of the study vehicle tells the story of the water coming from the ceiling. While these videos are viral, another video collection also shows Sportage. In this case, the white Sportage can look full on the inside.

As all of these videos began to spread at the same time and at the same time as heavy rains across the country, the leaks and headlights of Sportage headlines came together among the people who were following the story. I feel that we are dealing with both topics separately, as they are both very different.

Roof Output:

The KIA Sportage in Pakistan comes with a Panoric sunroof. A few days ago, on several different video clips, there was a similar problem with the owners of these two KIA Sportage locations. In both cases, there was a leakage on the roof and next to the A-Pillar. In the first case, everyone will think that the leak comes from the signs around the roof’s assembly.

When the video became infected, few people thought it was all in vain, and it was detrimental to the credibility of the KIA Sportage. Some have even claimed that some car products in the world are now making this video, and this is all propaganda. Some owners of KIA Sportage have started sharing videos of their car in heavy rain and do not show reading and decided that because as their car does not block, so the whole story is unfounded.

Watch video:

Detailed Investigation and Analysis:

I was chasing the case, and luckily, I was able to find the car owners through my sources. I feel it is my good job to update everyone who followed this story. I have also written to the post about this matter, and I need to share the progress in this case. I could not find a second owner of Spageage, but another owner will have similar updates.

One of the affected vehicles was brought to the KIA commercial market in a township in Lahore for the leak problem; the company found that the leak was not from a roof rack but was caused by an air storm. The sealant used to hold the air lid in place was faulty, and water could seep into the cabinet by swiping the wiper blade. The air victim was removed from the car with a sealant. The company installed new sealant beads, and a car cover was installed in the car.

KIA has performed this function under warranty and is free of cost to the customer. The costs indicated on the work order are reasonable and tracking the price of the warranty coverage, record keeping of foundations. You can see the checkbox for a warranty on line 6 from the top.

How Did the Breach New Vehicle Get This Problem?

Yes, the problem can occur in any conference line anywhere in the world and any product type. Any defective part can enter the production line and become part of the vehicle, which is later sold. The effect of that faulty part is only revealed if the vehicle is in the owner’s possession.

Also, not all vehicles can be made with the same problem because not all cars use a defective component. If someone has a problem with his car and has the same car, it does not mean that he will have it and should have the same problem. It also doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a problem, you don’t have that part that is wrong. Maybe you have that too, but the problem is not yet in your case, as the timeline may vary.

That is why, when many car owners report the same problem, car companies investigate and find the reasons and recall the car they think may have that faulty part. Sometimes the memory for the whole batch, it could be a certain number of cars within the batch/lot, and in other cases, the entire production spread over many years can be a problem.

Real Issue:

In the case of the KIA Sportage, an expired seal was used, and that sealant did not do its job properly and eventually failed. I was told that although only two people would come forward to record their social media video, there are many Sportage units out there that have the same sealant with the feature. It is a just a problem of time before that decision fails and releases water inside the cupboard.

KIA Response:

Thanks to the KIA dealer for coming in quickly and fixing the problem quickly. It is also essential for the company to keep track of all those parts of the Sportage, which may have been expired in the factory regardless of whether there were any issues reported by the owners of those vehicles. It is better to fix these now with a new sealant instead of waiting for the appearance to occur, which can seriously damage the product’s reputation.

I also suggest that KIA should issue an additional warranty on the headliner, which was degraded due to a strong windstorm. KIA sales did not take its place, and I have now cleaned water stains. Headliners have a unique base for support/foam and installation, and if they get wet, over time, they can get sag as the moisture is now trapped inside.

Sports Owner’s Advice

My advice to all Sportage owners, if you are not dealing with this problem, it is for you, but that doesn’t mean that the problem does not exist. Therefore, my message to those who called the issue “fake propaganda, please understand that issues are possible and that reporting and discussing them is not propaganda. If you don’t talk, you won’t know the real thing, and it won’t be easy to improve things. When I post something here, I do all my homework with all the scriptural evidence available.

What should KIA do?

KIA did an excellent job of responding to these videos and taking immediate action. I think the company should focus on Product Control (QC) because the local consumer is not happy with the companies currently doing in Pakistan on the QC issue. Therefore, KIA should focus on this point seriously as this will make them different from other competitors.

A Flood Game?

As you can see, the car looks very stable because of the heavy rain. The water level can be seen as high as the gates, and this video is recorded when the rain stops like that, there is a good chance that the water level was much higher before. There is a possibility that the car owner will be dragged into wet areas with high water levels causing flooding inside the car.

When this video starts to get infected, it also causes a lot of confusion, and a lot of people start mixing it up with leaks from the roof, as we discussed above. People begin to believe that the flood inside the car was caused by a leak from the roof even though the cause was completely different.

Many people are claiming KIA again after this video clip, But the cause is overflowing, and the water is rising due to rain. No car [not even an SUV or pickup truck] is protected from the floodwaters. We can see 2 feet of stagnant water. The car doors are waterproof. Officially declared a total loss. When the water rises above the road, it can get into cars and cause flood damage. In Europe, Japan, and the US, if you have insurance, this situation is covered under a flood coverage policy. Every year insurance companies are sued for water car insurance claims.

For this reason, the floods are covered under a comprehensive auto insurance policy [God’s Law clause] and the warranty under the car manufacturer’s warranty. It is the same for every product brand and model and standard procedure worldwide. Every year in times of floods and hurricanes, thousands of vehicles are damaged in the US; if the owner handles the critical issues, they are covered under a flood policy. Car companies are not compensated for the damage caused by the floods.

I do not take the issue of “flood” of water damage to a KIA quality control problem. This is a simple flood due to high groundwater levels due to rainfall. No car company will please this under warranty. I shared a screenshot from the KIA USA war wary handbook for reference.

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