It was announced that the Lahore City Traffic Police has ultimately launched a digital driver’s license issuance policy. It is being alleged that the system has been fully operated out and now, the candidates will not have to abide in long lines for multiple hours to get or renovate their driver’s licenses.

The method has been classified into two main stages and here’s what each stage requires:
Stage 1:
The candidates must get a token number.
Furthermore, they must have their photo taken.
In the last step of stage 1, the applicants must do a digital general, multiple-choice-based test.

Stage 2:
The applicants must then complete a driving test.
Once the driving test is passed, the applicants can then get their driver’s license.

The administrators said that the test enables the workers to follow a clear and consistent way for all applicants and that no one is provided an expensive VIP protocol in the permit acquiring method. The public also praised the action, saying that the latest policy provides for a fast and comfortable taking or revision of the driver’s license.

The candidates asserted that the policy is certainly clear and that there is no VIP culture being practiced in the presence of the brand-new policy. News also implies that the order shall be installed over the entire territory soon.

By Sannia khakwani

I am a self motivated writer with interest in current affairs and technology areas. Though I am a beginner but I believe in improving through learning.