Students from Jamia Bait-ul-Salam, Talagang, have made a significant achievement to the final round of TEKNOFEST 2020 in Istanbul from September 22 to 27. According to a recent data release, Batu, the Bait-ul-Salam team that applied for the competition, has upgraded the Humanity-Social Innovation Technology category by 87 points.

This is not the first time Jama Bait-ul-Salam students have been recognized. By 2019, Bait-ul-Salam students had won the Robofiesta competition, a robotic competition held at HITEC University Taxila every year. A team of robots in Bait-ul-Salam won the competition by defeating more than 20 university students.

Not only that, but they also lifted the trophy for the best Urdu prize and Spelling engineering during the same competition. The Turkish Department of Industry and Communications and the Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3) organizes the annual TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology festival to transform Turkey into a technology-producing society.

Thousands of students from high schools to students graduating from TEKNOFEST every year, showcasing their skills in more than a dozen categories.

Via Propakistani