The Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has charged Meesha Shafi and eight other people involved in the campaign to malign famous singer Ali Zafar.  

The decision has been finalized on Monday by the FIA as Meesha and the other involved people couldn’t provide any evidence of allegations they made against Ali Zafar.  

The court battle among both the stars have been going on for a long time and who doesn’t know the allegations!  

Meesha accused Ali Zafar of harassment. Without even knowing the facts, many people including host Iffat Omar (who also cheered Nouman Ijaz’s confession of extra-marital affairs) supported Meesha’s claim. Since the #metoo movement has started, it has become a trend to support the people who claim it. However, it cannot be said that every person is speaking the truth, or a lie unless the case is investigated. 

In response to the harassment case filed by Meesha, Ali Zafar filed a defamation case against her and the other involved people as they accused him without any evidence. 

After a long period of court proceedings, an FIR against Meesha and eight others have been filed by FIA special court under a non-cognizable offense. The eight others who were charged under section 20 (1) of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 and R/W 109-PPC, include Iffat Omar, Leena Ghani, Fariha Ayub, Maham Javaid, Ali Gul, Haseem-uz-Zaman Khan, Humna Raza, and Syed Faizan Raza.  

FIA’s official told the reporters that the investigation officer requires prior permission from a special court in order to apprehend the suspect, as the case is non-cognizable.  

One further point to be noted here is that even after the repeated summons sent to Meesha Shafi to attend the court hearings, she didn’t appear in the court. She is mostly residing abroad and last time is seen in Karachi protesting for the Motorway rape case victim.