In recent developments, Kia has announced the release of a new Page in the LX trim category.

 Kia Sportage LX

The car features the same design, but there are a few changes to the list of features. First, the new variety will be at the front of the wheel only. Along with that, there are a few other changes to the specs of this car. In a few significant versions, the LX will not be exposed to the sun. It will only come with 17-inch alloy rims, halogen portion lights, halogen rear lights, DRL but not with a fancy quad-ice cube view, no fog lights, and no parking sensors, i -hand brake and a 7 inch LCD infotainment system.

However, the car still has its own 2.0-liter petrol engine capable of 155 horsepower and 196 Newton / Meters flashlight, which will be equipped with an automatic speed-6 engine. Also, it can still have all the basics like dual climate control, USB and AUX port, auto accident control, pilot planes, mountaineers, Hill Start assist, brake control and vehicle durability, and speed control.

However, all of this comes at a good price of Rs. 4,399,000 / – with an advance booking of 1,500,000 / -. Also, it should be noted that this car goes directly to the more expensive Toyota Fortuner compared to the Sportage. To put it bluntly, Base Fortuner starts at around Rs. 7,699,000 / – which means that two vehicles have a difference of Rs. 3,300,000 / -.

In conclusion, many of the changes that have been made to this new level are the most important of all. So that raises the question; Should we give Kia Sportage a chance? And the answer is Yes. Because this car is basically the sleek and comfortable space of the Hauler family without much compromise in features, but a massive advantage in terms of price, especially when compared to the competition.

Kia and Hyundai have resumed their operations in Pakistan, and consumers have high expectations for them. This particular Pakistan fire incident involving Sportage should not be taken alone and should be thoroughly investigated.

KIA Pakistan must take this matter as an act or act that tarnishes their reputation. The fire in Pakistan should be investigated for causes, and they should make sure that the Pakistan Assembled KIA or Hyundai should not use other fire-hazardous engines. While investigating this issue, Kia Pakistan should continue to remember the fire outbreaks on Kia and Hyundai vehicles in the United States and approximately 5 million units.

In Pakistan to import local assembly engines, the Sportage engine that has been burned should be followed. There is a good chance that this incident is an unrelated fire and has nothing to do with KIA engine fires with Hyundai heading to the North American market, but we do not know until it has been thoroughly investigated.

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