National Incubation Center and LMKT are looking for suitable candidates for the position of Project Director for a new startup in Karachi. If you are interested in taking challenges and want to be on the leading side, you might as well push your luck. Job includes overseeing the incubation center which is primarily run by LMKT. The startup has been funded by the IGNITE fund. 

The job opportunity has been announced by LKMT through Twitter:

Project Director is a senior leadership position and the candidate will be making significant decisions for the growth of the company, therefore an experience of at least 10+ years is required to get on the board. 

The job will include multiple duties, some of which are:

  • looking after the incubation center
  • boosting the startups that join in new units
  • improving the marketing techniques and outreach of the startups 
  • Linking the startups with potential investors 

One important duty pertaining to this post is to build a strong investor network, which will help in raising the upcoming startups through continuous funding when needed. 

The selected candidate will be looking after the distribution and use of the IGNITE fund as well while keeping in consideration the contractual obligations. Interested candidates can view the detailed job description at LMKT Official.

National Incubation Center has been the focus of attention for its various startups. The first bloodless dialysis machines and Corona & Brain Tumors detection through Artificial Intelligence have also been the successful initiatives of NIC.