Today a local court grants the judicial remand of Zahir Jaffer, prime involved in the Noor Mukadam murder case. The argument concerning the court order about arrested Zahir Jaffer was produced to the duty inspector in the judicial magistrate’s court at sessions court and Islamabad district. The court extended the judicial remand of the arrested till 30 August.

Court extends Zahir Jaffer's remand for three days

Zahir Jaffer was kept at the lock-up and not presented before the court. Yesterday the court granted one day’s physical remand of the arrested. Police had arrested six characters adding staffers and owners at a psychiatric recovery center for their alleged role in helping Zahir Jaffar, the prime prisoner in the murder of Noor Mukadam. Police said ‘They allegedly concealed data in Noor Mukadam murder with the help of Tahir Jaffer’s parents.

Court extends judicial remand of Zahir Jaffer's parents till August 23 -  Pakistan - Business Recorder

In a Noor Mukadam murder incident on 20 July, Noor is the daughter of a former ambassador, had been placed to death allegedly by her close friend Zahir, in the area of Kohsar police station in Islamabad. The report noted that Noor was raped by Zahir Jaffar before being mercilessly killed in Islamabad. In a report, Rape was confirmed as the DNA of Zahir Jaffar, compared with deceased Noor, daughter of previous Pakistan envoy to South Korea, and the fingerprints seen on the knife utilized to killing Noor have also matched with Jaffar fingerprints.

By Fatima Sadaf khan

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