Pak Nigehban app aims to serve the general population as a National Emergency Responder in crisis times. Pak Nigehban is one of the projects of the National Information and Technology Board. With this app, users can avail the services from a whole lot of hosts, moreover the information regarding COVID-19 issues. 

The app allows users to find nearby hospitals and the availability of ventilators and beds. The hospitals/ labs offering COVID-19 testing services could also be located through the app.  

This significant information is not necessarily needed by the people who have to get tested urgently, but also for those students or workers who are required to get tested by their respective educational institutions and organizations.  

In the pandemic times, the hassle involved in finding out necessary information regarding COVID-19 is undeniable. However, with Pak Nigehban App, all the information is available on a single platform at the convenience of your mobile phones  

By clicking on the “Hospital/Lab” widget, the current location of the user is automatically detected through GPS, and all the hospital/facilities in your surrounding area are highlighted. This app is connected with the Google map which further allows the users to get the direction of hospitals/labs as well.  

The main purpose of developing the Pak Nigehban Application is to serve two types of users, citizens, and health officers. While citizens can easily view the availability of ventilators and beds for COVID-19 treatment in nearby hospitals, Healthcare officers can also access the app for supplementing Covid-19 patients. 

You can download the Pak Nigehban app here.