The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) has placed Pakistan the best country for nuclear safety measures in its N2020 Security Index 2020.

Pakistan  nuclear weapons

The lead watchdog said Pakistan increased its value by 7 points, with significant improvements in the Security and Control Measure category, mainly due to the country’s recently implemented laws. The country’s position in this category is growing steadily over the years. Pakistan has gradually improved in the Security and Control phase over time with the passage of new laws, improved by +8 in 2014, +2 in 2016, and +6 in 2018.

Pakistani schools for ‘Theft: Safe Items’ in various categories are listed below:

  • Prices and sites – 19
  • Safety and control measures – 57
  • Land conditions – 45
  • Dedication and strength – 89
  • Environmental risk – 16

The total number stands at 47, indicating a 7-point improvement from 2018. Pakistan’s 2020 level is 19, according to a recent report. On the other hand, schools in ‘Sabotage: Weapons of Defense’ are as follows:

  • Number of sites – 80
  • Safety and control measures – 56
  • Global situation – 58
  • Dedication and strength – 89
  • Environmental risk – 16

Pakistan is ranked 33rd in the latest rankings, with a total of 58 points. There is a 5 point difference in this category from 2018. Ambassador of Pakistan in the United States, Asad Majeed, said:

We acknowledge the fact that the NTI divided Pakistan as the most developed country with nuclear security measures in the N2020 Security Index 2020. Pakistan’s development is also the second-largest country ever to emerge in the country since the launch of the NTI Index in 2012.

Pakistan has a strong hand over nuclear weapons and warheads against India and China leading the region. According to a report released by the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute). SIPRI is a private, dedicated organization dedicated to research on conflicts, weapons, arms control, and weapons defense. Established in 1966, SIPRI provides information, analysis, and recommendations, based on open sources, to policymakers, researchers, the media, and interested communities.

SIPRI Year Book 2020 reported that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and warheads are still high, at 160 compared to India. India also increased its nuclear weapons last year from 130-140 to 150 but is still lagging behind in Pakistan.
“The governments of India and Pakistan speak of this as an arrow test but have no knowledge of the nature or size of their ceremonies,” the think tank working in Stockholm said in a statement.

China now exposes its troops more often than in the past but releases fewer details about military numbers or future development plans, the report said.