Lahore: Wednesday Maryam Nawaz PML-N Vice-President said Pakistan should take the decision of the Afghan people and stay away from the nation’s internal affairs. Maryam said: Afghanistan is an independent nation and Pakistan should not impose its decisions on them, We [Pakistan] should not interfere in the internal politics and interests of Afghanistan, adding that the people of Afghanistan have great faced war-like situations. PML- N Leader continued to say that Pakistan should work with the international society for the improvement of the Afghan people as well as the restoration of the nation.

But, she once again repeated that Pakistan should ‘stay away from Afghanistan’s nation internal affairs. On August 15, the Taliban declared the first members of a new “acting” government, three weeks after clearing into full power with the takeover of Kabul. The new cabinet is built up of senior Taliban people and it will be protected by Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund. Remarking on the community, Fawad Choudhary Federal Information Minister said he had learned of the supervisor set up in Afghanistan on the program’s intro and so thought it would be too soon to explain it. I think it would be early to say at this time.

By Fatima Sadaf khan

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