Pakistani petroleum corporation, Pakistan State Oil [PSO] has hired female filling station employees. The story was shared on different social media highlighting the quality of workplace variety. This action was first used by Total Parco, the corporation that hired female gas service attendants this month. Using its social media account, Pakistan State Oil shared photos of its recently hired female employees. The company also suggested that this action has been used to empower Pakistani ladies. 

Pakistan State Oil

Furthermore, the company announced its plans of hiring more female attendants all over the nation. With the values of inclusivity and caring & offering, started hiring female pump employees at our retail terminals to make them self-reliant and participating members of the community while also increasing their self-esteem and increasing their quality of life. We are happy to have them on board and will soon expand their numbers nationwide. The release of Total Parco hiring female gas station employees broke the internet. Netizens celebrated over the fact that women were certainly being provided an opportunity to enhance independence.

By Fatima Sadaf khan

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