Our country is among the blessed parts of the world that enjoys four seasons however, in recent years we have experienced extreme weather conditions, which is among one of the impacts of global warming.  

According to the Weather Updates PK, our country is going to witness a record-breaking prolonged winter season. The reason behind which is La-Nina and other meteorological factors.  

What is La-Nina? 

Due to the variations in ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific, a complex pattern of weather happens every few years known as La-Nina. 

Weather Updates PK is a real time weather update portal and according to their advisory, prolonged winter weather and below normal temperatures can be experienced when La-Nina occur in winter seasons.  

The occurrence of La-Nina along with the ongoing Solar Minimum is going to result in record-breaking extreme weather conditions across the country.  

What is Solar Minimum? 

It is a period when solar activity reduces drastically on the surface of sun which consequently cause extreme cold weather.  

Not only that most regions of the country will witness extreme cold weather but rainfall will also be doubled as compared to the normal.  

In addition to that, the northern and western parts of Pakistan are expected to see unparalleled snowfall this winter.  

A detailed overview of weather conditions of Pakistan in 2020-2021 will be issued by Weather Updates PK later.