The whole nation is outraged at the barbarous incident that happened on Lahore motorway yesterday. Pakistani celebrities are infuriated as well and demanding speedy justice for the victim who was raped by two unknown men in front of her children. The public death penalty for such brutal criminals has also been demanded by many of the celebrities.

The news of the rape incident spread like wildfire around the country. The statement of CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh blaming the victim further infuriated the people and they are demanding his resignation along-with the hanging of the rapist.

The social media is bombarded with the furious reactions of people across the country and their demand for public execution of the criminal who not only raped the woman in front of her children but also robbed her jewelry and cash.
The woman was on her way to Gujranwala from Lahore as her car ran out of fuel. She got stranded there with her children, waiting for help. Two men approached the car broke down the window and forced them to go to a nearby field. After raping and looting the woman, they ran away.
Celebrities are demanding speedy justice as well and raising their voices on social media platforms.
Here are some of the reactions the celebrities have posted on Twitter:

Presently, Police have arrested 12 suspects on the basis of visual identification, however, Police intends to catch the criminals by DNA profiling.