On the opening day of this week, the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) lost four paisas against the USD on the interbank currency market after closing on the final day of last week with a loss of 13 paisas. In contrast with Rs. 160.74 on Friday, it had closed at Rs. 160.79 to the greenback on 25 January (Monday). 

With marginal gain against the Euro and a small gain against the Canadian Dollar (CAD), the PKR showed varying results against other global currencies that included losses against the Great British Pound (GBP), the Australian Dollar (AUD), the UAE Dirham (AED), and the Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR). 

The PKR gained against the Euro by two paisas on Friday. While it had worsened continuously for three days against the Euro over the past week, the present week opened with a marginal change in the stabilization of the cycle. On Monday, The PKR also recorded a loss of 44 paisas against the GBP after raising 42 on Friday. 

Monday’s PKR situation against the AUD culminated in the loss of five paisas after a Friday’s improvement of 32 paisas. On the opening day of the week, it gain12 paisas against the CAD after closing last week with an improvement of 48 paisas. 

The PKR steadily reported losses against both the AED and the SAR.   Monday showed the same trend, but the loss relative to its loss of three paisas each against both currencies on Friday is marginal at one paisa against both. 

By Sumbul Jawad

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