Pakistan is a diversified country where people from various religious views, race. and ethnicities are living together with peace. This is what makes it more amazing that every person shares equal rights regardless of their beliefs. However, despite having a majority of Muslims, every person has different views.

This arise the matter of difference in opinions and values which subsequently affect the perspectives regarding policies and regulations that a country imposes on its citizens.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has banned five dating websites including Tinder, Grindr, Tagged, SayHi, and Skout. The recent ban is reportedly due to “indecent and immoral content” as the websites were not adhering to the country’s laws.

The ban aroused mixed reactions of Pakistanis. Here are some of the interesting responses of people posted through tweets.

Positive responses:

Not-so-Positive responses:

Those who thought that the ban was useless and it only helped in advertising these Apps more.

That was some of the responses we gathered for you however, we wonder what you think about this move of PTA.

By Sumbul Jawad

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