This year’s Hajj is estimated to cost more than Rs. 700,000, making it the most costly pilgrimage for Pakistanis up till now. According to reports, lower-level contacts between Saudi and Pakistani representatives for Hajj this year have taken place, and the costs are expected to be about Rs. 700,000. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently released COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) for pilgrims of Hajj 2021. In addition, the Saudi Ministry of Health has declared that in order to perform Hajj this year, pilgrims must be vaccinated. 

“Pilgrims will be required to get vaccinated prior to the month of Zilhaj, more specifically, two weeks prior to entering the kingdom, and will be required to provide solid evidence of receiving a vaccination from WHO-certified vaccines,” it clarified. 

The ministry has also released guidelines for pilgrims regarding the PCR test, stating that “those entering in the kingdom during the Hajj season will be required to undergo a PCR test 72 hours prior to their entry.” 

By Sumbul Jawad

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